The new Spring for Poetry Posters are up around town. Here are the locations of this year’s posters. You can also see a slide show with a selection of the posters below:

Eytan Eytan, The Wind Grinds
4328 Carroll, Front of Historic Takoma

Robert Frost, Neither Out Far, Nor in Deep & Nothing Gold Can Stay
Carroll at Spring Mill Bakery

Lisa Suhair Maja, Primal Touch

John Clare, I Am
7210 Carroll, Purple House

Moshe Dor, Expelled & A Little Is Enough
Carroll & Park, Corner

Fady Joudah and Ruth White, Mimesis & A Spider on
Corner Capital City Confectionery, Carroll Ave

Marilyn Nelson & Wendell Berry, Dusting & Dust
Fair Day’s Play, 7048 Carroll

Lisel Mueller, When I Am Asked
Roscoe’s Restaurant, 7040 Carroll

Navajo Chant, Song of the Sun and Moon
Carroll at Bandstand

Federico Garcia Lorca, trans. Donald Hall, Six Strings
Carroll at Bandstand

Rachel Korn, trans., A Pretty Dress 
Carroll at Bandstand

Abd Allah ibn al-Simak, trans. from Arabic, The Garden
Middle Eastern Market, 7006 Carroll

Emily Dickinson, Wild Night & This Is My Letter to the World
Scissors and Comb, 7009 Carroll

Richard Howard, from Oystering
near REPUBLIC, 6937 Laurel

E. Ethelbert Miller, If God Invented Baseball
Front of Polly Sue’s, 6909 Laurel

Maya Angelou, Hopscotch
Under old Town Clock

Alice Notley, The Goddess Who Created This Passing World
Near Takoma Beverage

Joe Salerno, No Wife, No Kids, No Work
Post Office — 6909 Laurel

Marta Kornblith, The Books of the Dead
TP Community Center

Karla Báez, I Seek Women
City Library

Claude McKay, Harlem Shadows
City Library

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