About Friends of the Takoma Park Maryland Library


Board of Directors (as of March 15, 2017)

Deborah Nelson, President (2016-2018)
Pat Hanrahan, Vice President (2016-2018)
Walter Mulbry,Treasurer & Membership (2017-2019)
Sylvie Shaffer, Secretary (2016-2018)

Anand Parikh, Member-at-Large (2017-2019)
Claudine Schweber, Member-at-Large (2017-2019)
Miriam Szapiro, Member-at-Large (2017-2019)
Rebekah Zanditon, Member-at-Large (2016-2018)
Merrill Leffler, Book Sale Coordinator
Michele Morgan, Newsletter Editor

Ellen Arnold-Robbins,
Director, Takoma Park Library and Ex-Officio Member