Spring for Poetry

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Poems from 2017

Carla Baez, I Seek Women
David Bottoms, Under the Vulture Tree
John Clare, I Am
Wanda Coleman, They Will Not Be Poets
Bob Dylan, from A Hard Rain’s A’Gonna Fall
Robert Frost, Neither Out Far, Nor In Deep
Barbara Goldberg, Teeth
Joy Harjo, Ah, Ah
Nazim Hikmet, Angina Pectoris
Kabir, Brother, I’ve Seen Some
Rachel Korn, A New Dress & Everything Forlorn
Marta Kornblith, The Books of the Dead
Merrill Leffler, Take Hold
Shirley Goek-Lin Lim, Learning to Love America
Elaine Maggerell, The Joy of Cooking
Campbell McGrath, Releasing the Sherpas
Jeane Nordhaus, Memo from the Border
Memo from the Broken World

Simon Ortiz, Blind Curse
Jack Pretlutsky, Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face
Ravi Shankar, Buzzards
Wislawa Szymborska, Seen from Above
John Yau, Confessions of a Recycled Shopping Bag

Poems from 2016

Elizabeth Bishop, View of the Capitol from the Library of Congress
Bertolt Brecht, The Burning of Books
Tirso Canales, City of San Salvador
Rosa Chavez, We, Stones, Were Branded by Hot Iron
Billy Collins, Liu Yung
Emily Dickinson, Wild Nights & This Is My Letter
Louise Glück, The Evening Star
Ray Gonzalez, They Call the Mountain Carlos
Judah Halevi, My Heart Is in the East
Fady Joudah, Mimesis
Robert King, Embedding the Cancer Port
David Livewell, Custodians
Claude McKay, Harlem Shadows
Gabriela Mistral, Richess & Riguera
Susan Okie, Slippery
Abd al-Rahman, A Palm Tree
Elena Shvarts, Night Bath
Brian Swann, Peel
Ruth Whitman, A Spider on My Poem
Liu Yung, On a High Tower

Poems from 2015