Friends of the Takoma Park Maryland Library

Spring For Poetry In Takoma Park 2013

Click on the poem name to see the poster.
Poet Poem Location
David Wagoner
Gerald Manley Hopkins
Pied Beauty
7328 Carroll, TP Historical Society
Dick Allen You May Leave a Memory 7306 Carroll, bus stop
Virginia Bell The Things We Find Carroll/East West Highway, Bus stop at Gazebo
Frank Matuk Long Before and Shortly After TPSS CO-OP
Yevgeny Yevtushenk Memento 7214 Carroll (Roland's Barbershop)
Mary Sarton All Souls 7113 Carroll
Sandra Cisneros Heart
My Love Hobo
7125 Carroll
Aimee Nezhukumatathil Two Egg
7120 Carroll (Purple house)
Gwendolyn Brooks
William Butler Yeats
The Crazy Woman
Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop
7107 Carroll (bus stop)
Elizabeth Bishop Sandpiper Carroll and Park, corner
Mario Bendetti Pastime/Pasatiempo Front of Capital City Cheesecake
Barbara Guest On the Way to Dumbarton Oaks 7051 Carroll, Victory Tower bus stop
Naomi Shihab Nye Making a Fist 7048 Carroll, near Fair Day's Play
Ellen Bryant Voight Cow 7040 Carroll, front of Roscoe's Restaurant
Charles Wright Outtakes Sestets Bandstand, Carroll
Joan Larkin Want Bandstand, Carroll
John Haines
Carl Sandburg
The Cauliflower
Nocturn Cabbage
7006 Carroll, front Middle Eastern Market
Stevie Smith The Heavenly City 7009 Carroll, front of Shampoo
Thomas Love Peacock
Ogdan Nash
Fish Feast
The Eel
6937 Laurel, front of the new restaurant
Brenda Cardenas Zacuanpapalotls 6929 Laurel, front of S & A Bead Shop
Robert Hayden Frederick Douglas Under Old Town Clock
Emily Dickinson
Robert Herrick
Fames is a fickle food
6909 Laurel, front of post office
Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address TP Community Center
Nancy Arbuthnot Diamond
TP Library
Eugene de Andrade Words TP Library
Charles Simic
Helen Chasin
May Sarton
The Word Plum
The Fig
Westmoreland Park
J. Patrick Lewis
Hilaire Belloc
Said the Toad
The Frog
Jackson/Boyd Park
Rose Auslander My Nightingale Spring Park (Poplar Avenue
Zinaida Gippius
E. B. White
Forest Park (Elm and Prince Georges Avenues)
Al Young Aunt Heffner Park (Oswego Avenue)
Kwesi Brew Ancestral Voices Belle Ziegler Park (Albany and Takoma Avenues)
Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address Montgomery College Student Union
Gloria Fuertes I'm Only a Woman Kiosk at International Mall Shopping Center, University Blvd
Paul Laroque Little Girl at Hopscotch Kiosk at Holton Lane Post Office
Delmira Augustini Explosion Kiosk at 7676 New Hampshire Ave
Miguel Hernandez Your Heart - It is Like a Frozen Orange Kirklynn and New Hampshire (near the bike racks)
Arthur Rimbaud Sensation Crossroads Professional Building, 7676 New Hampshire Ave (in the landscaped area in front of the building)
Sor Juanna Ines de las Cruz Feast of the Assumption
Maitines de la Asuncion
7659 New Hampshire Ave (by the bus stop)

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