Takoma Park's Poetry Walk
Spring for Poetry

Spring has sprung and so too have poetry posters on the streets of Takoma Park — from the Junction to Old Town and locations on New Hampshire Avenue — in the city's parks and at the Community Center and Library.

Our urban poetry walk has been a collaboration between the Friends of the Takoma Park Maryland Library and Professor Andrea Adams at Montgomery College's School of Art and Design. Students in Professor Adams' classes have been designing posters selected by a group of poets and writers since 2007 — this year, Ian March, Hailey Leithauser, Michael LeBlanc, Ann Slayton and Merrill Leffler.

Conceived by Leffler and Slayton, the project developed as it has because of Michele Morgan, whose original poster design led to the collaboration with Montgomery College, and Clair Garman, who has made all the frames and helps maintain the posters over the six months that they are in place.

What are your thoughts about Spring for Poetry and do you have recommendations on poems for next year?

Let us hear from you.